My May Posting

OK, so everyone starts blogs with good intentions of writing to them often. I shared a lot of where I was at with open source and beginning to explore social networks and web 2.0 tools back in April. It was a good milestone for me and I can look back to that time and see how far I’ve come.

I have been on Twitter a lot since then and am up to about 55 followers. I am following 75 so there’s always a lag of people I choose to follow and how many actually decide, for whatever reasons, to follow me and perhaps see what I’m all about. I don’t contribute too much yet in the way of web 2.0 stuff because I’m still very much a learner and not a leader in this next phase of technology in education.

I keep a “diary” of usernames and passwords for all the sites (most) that I join up to. I am up to 30 pages now in a little blue book I got from Microsoft back when they were introducing Server 2003 and Visual STudio .net. It only measures 5X7 and has a wire spiral bound and hard translucent cover pages. Very handy to keep around. Adding all the info was pretty much in chrono order so it made no sense. If I wanted to find where my new pay pal pw was, I would start at page one and start flipping and maybe stumble upon it. I finally make a 3 page index in alpha order after I got to page 26. it really helps. My point in mentioning all that, besides wondering if any other geeks out there are doing something like that as well, is to show that after page 26 where I recorded Twitter, I can see how many other online tools I have  tried out and am beginning to use.

Here is a sample list of what I’ve been on for new web sites: Ning, Stumble Upon, Play Cafe, Gizmoz, Skype, Utterz, wikispaces, MyBlogLog, Quotably, Pandora, Moodle, RemembertheMilk,, Elluminate, Godaddy (go own some more Internet real estate for my school) Google Docs, LoTiconnection, Second Life,, WordPress, Jott, wetpaint, and Secondbrain.

I may have, I know I have, been to many other sites but those are just the ones I recorded where I had to write down a username and password. To be honest, half of those I haven’t gone back to often yet. And others like Twitter and all the Google related stuff I’m on everyday.

I have beginning to describe for my faculty next Monday, in what the principal calls a 20 minute presentation, my personal learning network. I want to make them aware of some of these new tools, of the importance of the read/write web, so I am going to make it all come together somehow, if that is possible. 20 minutes to explain any or all of this to the unenlightened? I don’t see how. A taste, maybe. To whet the appetite for more hopefully. And just to clarify for myself by saying it out loud, where I really am at in all this so far. It’s probably taken me more than 20 mintes to just tell you all this and I haven’t even used visual aids!



One response to “My May Posting

  1. Bring them to the river of knowledge and maybe they will join the revolution. If they see you drinking from the flowing waters of your PLN, then they will want to as well. Good luck and I hope to hear how it goes.

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