Stepping up to the plate

Today I shared a lot with my faculty after school. It was a typical All Staff meeting except for one thing: I was the only thing on the agenda. Turns out, it’s a good thing I was well prepared to go 45 minutes with material because the principal said to share some visions for technology and training opportunities so I spent many days going over what I could share. I worked on my speech in my head and had lots of ideas floating around but wasn’t sure of what direction to go.

Then I found a couple of great Innovative Education videos on You Tube that I could share to get the ideas flowing. I was a little nervous about it because I haven’t been used to pushing new ideas at the staff. I have bee the Technology Coordinator for 8 years and have built up our infrastructure and maintained the status quo but I don’t feel like I have been much of a visionary or even doing that great of a tech trainer because I thought most teachers were too busy to have someone pushing new tech ideas at them.

But something snapped a couple months ago when I started reading lots of posts of other great web 2.0 thinkers and educators on Twitter and I put together a presentation of many of the great tools I had been using lately. I showed them Google Earth with the new 3D buildings. I demonstrated Skype just a little bit. Didn’t even have someone lined up to call but they got the idea. I shared all the tons of resources we have on our network now and challenged them: What are you really doing with all the great resources we have?

Afterward, I had a pretty good feeling that it went well. The principal called and thanked me for doing a great job presenting. I sent out an email asking the teachers one question: What is one thing that stands out in your mind from my presentation? I got several replies right away. They had gone back to their rooms and started looking up some of the things I talked about. Several had already downloaded Google Earth 4.3! I was pleased that I had pushed myself to share what was really on my mind and that they were receptive to it.

I had shared some of my apprehensions in my last blog and got ONE comment. Thank you Paul! You can go back and read it but he basically said to show them how I have been drinking from the fountain of knowledge and they may catch on as well.

And thanks also to half dozen Twitter people for shouting out to the group during the preso. At least one teacher went back right away and signed up for Twitter as well.


2 responses to “Stepping up to the plate

  1. Glad it went well for you. I am somewhat in the same boat as you describe. I feel like Patty Duke in the Helen Keller Story when she finally gets it. I too have been concerned with building the infrastructure and not pushing too hard at my school. Now that the light bulb has started shining for me what I do is send out an email to the faculty with the subject line “Did you know”. In the email I give them a little snippet of something they can do with technology and I keep it very brief and simple. I usually get back 3-4 responses of things like how cool, I’m gonna try that or a simple Thanks for that. It tells me they are overloaded as well but they want to learn more.

    Keep it up Alan and I look forward to meeting you at NECC.

  2. That’s one of the first things I wanted to do after discovering so many wonderful tools online–share them with family, friends, and colleagues. It’s an entirely different world and new way of thinking, but the benefits are amazing.

    Congrats on your successful presentation!

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