Seven Things about me Meme


I was tagged by Paul R. Wood to list 7 things you didn’t know about me. And since I’m anonymous to most of you, I guess just about any 7 things would do, because they would all be new to YOU. I don’t know if I want to lay out and prioritize a list first or just dig in until I get to 7. Seems like that’s the way most of the others that I’ve read have been doing, or not, can’t really tell.

OK, I just did a search on Seven Things Meme and did actually come up with a paragraph of “the rules”. And one of the rules is, in fact, that I am supposed to publish this paragraph anyway. So here is that paragraph:

Each player starts with seven random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose seven people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I was born in (a hospital of course) in Topeka, KS March 18, 1951. They took me home to the farm 9 miles out of town. All I knew for 12 years was the farm life. Winters were *cold* and summers were *hot*. I fed the chickens, gathered the eggs, cleaned them and we sold them in town for 25 cents per dozen. I loved spring and fall and all the freedom that I had as a kid on the farm. Play in the barn, play in the sandpile, play on the cow trails down in the 160 acre pasture, play on the old tractors, etc. We did go to church every Sunday in Topeka. Didn’t see how a city kid could have any fun playing in streets and alleys. 1963 moved to El Segundo, CA and have been a Californian ever since. Now married almost 30 years with wonderful wife, and son and daughter. (OK, fact one was a mini bio)

2. In 7th and 8th grade I took confirmation classes at the Lutheran Church in El Segundo. Pastor Philip Gehlhar was our teacher. During those years of spiritual growth and beginning to attend Lutheran school in 8th grade, I decided the best was to give my life to the Lord was to be a pastor. For the next 6 years I was in pre-ministerial training. Latin, German, theology. Somewhere about my senior year of high school, reality set in. I got cold feet and thought maybe I didn’t want to write a 20 minute sermon every week and all that came with what I was beginning to see was really the pastor’s job. So my mom gave me an out. She said why don’t I become a Lutheran Teacher. A pastor has to be a good teacher anyway and I could cross over later if I felt called to get my Rev. 35 years of Lutheran teaching later…

3. I have been a van driver since the first time I drove one. I made deliveries as a junior in high school and learned to driving a 3-speed stick shift by trial and error. I bought a 65 Dodge van, very used, then a practically new 1973 Dodge van, purple, which I drove for 25 years. Don’t tell anyone but in my early years of teaching when I only had 12 3rd and 4th graders, I let them all ride in the back of my carpeted van as I drove them down to the public library. Seat belts? What are those for? My third and current van is a 1991 Ford Aerostar. Seats 7, all with seat belts.

4. I also became a motorcycle rider as the age of 18, right out of high school. Drove 305 Honda Scrambler to work on the 405 freeway from LAX to Long Beach during rush hour. (I was an L.A. driver from the get go) Bought 3 more brand new Honda motorcycles total: 1969 Honda 350, 1978 400 Hawk, and 1982 Honda Shadow 500, liquid cooled, shaft drive, a great ride commuting from Sylmar to Van Nuys on the 210, 118 to the 405. Gave up motorcycles when I sold it in 1991 and bought a Trek 830 mountain bike. Got lots of great exercise on it and still have it in great working order. 

5. Taught 9 years before computers were a possibility in the classroom. In 1982 convinced my principal to buy an Apple II+ for $1750.00 US.  48K memory, green monitor, and 1 floppy drive. Added more Apple IIs to the school and got a “lab” of 8 by the time I left that school. Also took classes in IBM PC, Basic programming, WordStar, Lotus 123, dBase, and so on. By 1989 had a lab of 20 Apple IIes, IIGSs, and Macs. Left it all behind when I came to my current school where they just built a Pentium I computer lab. 25 networked machines with about 8MB RAM, DOS 6, Windows 3.1, and  a Novel Server. Over past 12 years that has morphed into 175 computers on network, 3 campus, 4 Windows Servers, Ethernet, fiber, and wiFi. And it’s just me running the whole IT scene.

6. Backpacking and photography seemed to go hand in hand for 30 years of my life. Didn’t know a thing about hiking in the backcountry until I graduated college in 1973 when group of mainly high school friends convinced me to go on their trip that summer. Bought all the gear and loved doing it each summer. My last trip though, was 2004. I tried just about every trailhead along the east and west side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California from Lone Pine to Bridgeport on the east and from Sequoia National Park to Yosemite on the west. Took hundreds of Kodachrome slides over the years. Am now is the process of digitizing them and saving them before they fade away. Been on the top of Mt. Whitney twice but neither time did I start out from Lone Pine and go up. Would love to go again more often if I could get back in shape and find someone to go with me.

7. I have attended every major CUE conference held in southern California since 1987. I have been a CUE member longer and bought all the CUE Softswap disks I could for the Apple II. I also was at one time the holder of the entire MECC software library for Apple II, Mac, and PC. I maintained a license each year for my district and made thousands of copies of MECC software to distribute to all our Lutheran Schools in the Pacific Southwest District. I have also been a major team member in UGLE and STAT. OK, #7 is more than one fact, it’s a summary of my involvement in the tech support area which is why I am enjoying being a technology coordinator now going on my 9th year.

Now comes the part where I have to tag 7 other people for the 7 things challenge so I tag:

Wesley Fryer

Clif Mims

Amanda DeCardy

Lois Smethurst

Beth Holmes

Justin Reeve

Rob Jacklin


6 responses to “Seven Things about me Meme

  1. Very nice and now I know that much more about you. Glad you joined in and I hope to meet you face to face sometime soon.


  2. Thanks for thinking of me Alan. It’s trickier than it looks but I think I have completed the task. It is interesting reading through the mini bio’s of people you only know on Twitter. They become much of a “3D” person. You have certainly had some exciting pastimes.
    You’ll find my Meme at
    Catch you on Twitter

  3. So now I KNOW the OCTechGuy!

    What an interesting read! The story of your path to becoming a Lutheran teacher is fascinating to me. I could not help but wonder if you’ve ever wondered about what life might have been like had you taken the path to the ministry? Still, for me, teaching is a unique ministry and it has been a most satisfying call!

    I am going to respond to your “tag.” I am. I am. I’m just behind – on everything!

  4. For the most part I thought it was divine providence that I turned to teaching instead of preaching. I enjoyed my classrooms and kids and was happy doing that. At about age 38 or so, I did have that sense that if I was going to make the jump to being a reverend, it would have to happen now. I let that moment and and haven’t really looked back. Now that I’ve moved from classroom to technology coordinator, I’m even more convinced that I made the right natural progression in my career.

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  6. Thanks for the tag, Alan. I posted my reply at

    All the best,

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