Sorry Twitter and FB friends, I’ve been offline all day. But then you didn’t even miss me, did you? Now for some catching up…


It only hurts when I – move. Fell off bike on my left shoulder days ago and will take months to heal, I’m afraid. Slowed me down a bit…

Had a good excuse for watching G-Force today besides excaping the heat:my 11 yr old daughter wanted to see it! Cute characters but the plot?

At least I hear they have free Wifi at the courthouse. Guess they realize all us prospective jurors would go nuts if separated from it long.

Awesome interactive multimedia website in honor of 40 years since Apollo 11:

Tomorrow I’m going to OC Fair and see Moody Blues in concert at 8 PM.

I’m going to Disneyland! for the evening. Taking my daughter, Kristi.